Collaboration or division of labor?

I believe in collaboration. I think that when multiple persons perspective and preunderstanding are used to try to understand a knowledge area or problem, it will be better.
Partly because their own limited understanding can be complemented by others’ understanding. Partly because collaboration is based on communication and in communication with others, I have the opportunity to formulate my own understanding.
But is group work always collaborative? My experience Continue reading “Collaboration or division of labor?”

Open for students

To me, open education is an exciting thought. Openness in the sense that the educational material used can be shared and reworked by anyone other than the person who created the material. Openness in the sense of giving the opportunity to follow a course without difficult application procedures.
But something that is not as often associated with open education is the openness for student-active thinking.
I mean the openness to see learners as co-creators of their knowledge, but also as co-creators of open learning resources and our collective knowledge. It may for example be that teachers and students Continue reading “Open for students”