What we learnt

This is the last week of the ONL181 course. Our task is to summarize what we have learned and how it may affect our internship. Therefore, I have asked myself what I’m taking with me and how I think it will change my educational approach in blended learning.
The first thing I want to highlight is our experience and reflection about group work and collaboration and that it needs good scaffolding. When designing a course it is important to create a clear structure, for example using topics with tasks and deadlines as in ONL. In this course we got scenarios and we should together identify and solve problems. It gave us a clear task and also a good Continue reading “What we learnt”

Three level design

The fourth topic in the ONL 181 course was about design for online and blended learning. This is something that I think all teachers should thinking about.
When I’m in a physical classroom together with a group of students, we can hear and see each other.
But in online and blended learning, often written communication has been the basis for educational design. For online learning, asynchronously written communication has dominated.
Writing is an important part of communication and the school tradition of written communication is so deeply rooted that I sometimes get the feeling that it is Continue reading “Three level design”