What we learnt

This is the last week of the ONL181 course. Our task is to summarize what we have learned and how it may affect our internship. Therefore, I have asked myself what I’m taking with me and how I think it will change my educational approach in blended learning.
The first thing I want to highlight is our experience and reflection about group work and collaboration and that it needs good scaffolding. When designing a course it is important to create a clear structure, for example using topics with tasks and deadlines as in ONL. In this course we got scenarios and we should together identify and solve problems. It gave us a clear task and also a good Continue reading “What we learnt”

Three level design

The fourth topic in the ONL 181 course was about design for online and blended learning. This is something that I think all teachers should thinking about.
When I’m in a physical classroom together with a group of students, we can hear and see each other.
But in online and blended learning, often written communication has been the basis for educational design. For online learning, asynchronously written communication has dominated.
Writing is an important part of communication and the school tradition of written communication is so deeply rooted that I sometimes get the feeling that it is Continue reading “Three level design”

Collaboration or division of labor?

I believe in collaboration. I think that when multiple persons perspective and preunderstanding are used to try to understand a knowledge area or problem, it will be better.
Partly because their own limited understanding can be complemented by others’ understanding. Partly because collaboration is based on communication and in communication with others, I have the opportunity to formulate my own understanding.
But is group work always collaborative? My experience Continue reading “Collaboration or division of labor?”

Open for students

To me, open education is an exciting thought. Openness in the sense that the educational material used can be shared and reworked by anyone other than the person who created the material. Openness in the sense of giving the opportunity to follow a course without difficult application procedures.
But something that is not as often associated with open education is the openness for student-active thinking.
I mean the openness to see learners as co-creators of their knowledge, but also as co-creators of open learning resources and our collective knowledge. It may for example be that teachers and students Continue reading “Open for students”

Troublesome knowledge

flic.kr/p/4AA9T8The first topic of the ONL181 course has a scenario that we in our group chose to interpret as a teacher’s fear of publishing their online teaching materials.
During the weeks I have been thinking about what it is that makes us fear the kind of changes that the digitalization of school means.
Last week I had the privilege of listening to a lecture by Professor Ray Land where I stuck to the concept of “Troublesome Knowledge”.
Land emphasized a constructivist approach to how people build their own knowledge and understanding in contrast to a behaviouristic approach with transfer of knowledge. My interpretation of his way of describing a constructivist perspective on how knowledge is built is that new knowledge can be attached to or inserted into the knowledge and perception that the learner already has.
In the case of “Troublesome Knowledge” it is the knowledge that can not Continue reading “Troublesome knowledge”

This is the beginning of a journey

The beginning of a journey I never experienced before. A journey where I have to change, think of new ways, revaluate myself in meeting with others.
I think learning requires change. My brain needs to be rebuilt.
But change is tough. We humans are constantly trying to get the world to hang together, be rational. We devote a lot of power to avoiding the change that causes everything to be rebuilt.
And if I was by myself, I would probably stay, not go on. It is the interaction with the world around me, my fellow travelers, I get impulses for change. Feels tricked between what I know and what I do not know.
This is the beginning of a journey.
We travel together!


Photo by Luke Porter on Unsplash